Easy & Effective Meditation

Transcendental Meditation Relieves Stress & Calms the Mind

Meditation in Merimbula for Women.
Women taught by women teachers.


Benefits Women & Girls

Health and happiness come from within, with balance of mind and body.

Easy & Natural

Transcendental Meditation involves no concentration whatsoever, no effort at all.

Trained Teachers

The practice is simple but precise. It is important that you are taught by a trained qualified TM teacher. You can't learn from a book or online.

Proven Results

Transcendental Meditation has been learnt by over 6 million people around the world. Over 350 peer reviewed studies have documented the benefits.

The Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

"My mind is calm and creative, my body releases the stressors of the day, my being is centred and energetic. TM is incredibly effortless. I want to turn up for my 20 minutes morning and evening." - 29 year old lady, Tathra, learnt TM February 2015
  • TM creates inner happiness and peace
  • TM gives you better health, better sleep
  • TM is effective for reducing stress and anxiety
  • TM increases your confidence and creativity
  • TM improves brain function & memory


Increase in Happiness Hormones

Seratonin is known as "the happiness hormone". There is a natural increase in seratonin production during the Transcendental Meditation practise, and this continues after meditation.

Discover how Transcendental Meditation can change your life!

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