The TM Course

The Transcendental Meditation technique is easy to learn, but it cannot be learned from a book, a tape, or from a yoga class. It is simple, but it must be taught correctly in person by a trained, certified TM teacher.

When you learn from a properly trained TM teacher you are learning the technique that has been extensively researched over the past 50 years.

The Transcendental Meditation Course includes a four-day course of instruction plus follow-up classes at your convenience. Included in the course is also a lifetime of follow-up and advanced meetings which you can participate in at any TM centre in the world.

The TM Course Steps

1. Introduction to Transcendental Meditation

– A free talk explaining the wide range of benefits of the TM technique.
– The mechanics of TM that make it effortless and how it differs from other types of meditation.
– An opportunity for you to ask a trained teacher any questions you may have about learning.
(1 hour)

2. Personal Instruction in Transcending

– During this private class, the teacher gives you the instructions for practising the TM technique, ensuring that you learn at your own pace. (1-1.5 hours)
– The class commences with the teacher performing a short ceremony in gratitude to the tradition of teachers who have given us the TM technique.

3. Verification of Correct Practice

– Classes are held over three consecutive days or evenings (1 – 2 hours). You receive additional knowledge to verify the correctness of the practice and to clearly understand your experience. Once completed, you are self-sufficient in the practice of TM, and you will start to experience the benefits of regular meditation straight away.

4. Follow-up

– The course includes four weekly meetings over the first month, then four monthly meetings to check on your progress and to ensure you are getting all the benefits of the practice.

and Life-time follow-up

– Once you have learned the technique you may visit any TM centre world wide to attend advanced meetings, group meditations, and special events which are regularly scheduled at all TM Centres.


Extracted from How to Learn Transcendental Meditation (for women)