The experiences of people who learnt TM in Merimbula

Sue of Tura Beach;

“Thank you. The TM Course was an amazing experience!”

Anabella of Eden;

“My first day of TM was wonderful. I had this beautiful experience where I felt so relaxed and peaceful. I haven’t had this kind of feeling before.

TM changed my outlook in life. It brings out the light from within myself that I had lost for a very long time.

I look forward to doing my meditation everyday.

I am so blessed I found TM. Thank you Meredith.”


“TM a life changing skill to learn. It has improved my well-being and sense of worth from the first meditation.”

Annette of Wolumla;

“TM has improved my life even from the first three days. I have become calmer and less likely to take on the tensions that surround me”

Monique from Moruya;

“I am enjoying my meditations and doing them twice daily and have been surprised at how much energy I have and how much I am now capable of doing.

I am also so much calmer and more joyful each day and I really enjoy my private time (meditation time).

I am so glad that I have joined the TM movement. It has simply changed my life for the better.”

A 29 year old lady Doctor practising in Bega, who learnt TM said;

“After only 10 days…

My mind is calm and creative
My body releases the stressors of the day
My being is centred and energetic

Its incredibly effortless. I want to turn up for my 20 minutes morning and evening. My body and mind propel me to rest. It’s such a beautiful process. I find my schedule is just as busy, my job just as stressful and the demands on my time just as great but I am different – my life unfolds with ease and grace!

So much gratitude for being given a new way of Being.”


Jayne Wilson, school teacher, Tathra;

“TM has changed my life & is one of the best things I’ve ever done.
I couldn’t imagine my life without it!
I crave for my ‘TM time’ every day.
Thank you so much Meredith. You’re one of my guardian angels!”

Louise, owner of a busy cafe, Merimbula;

“TM has given me a wonderful tool to bring some calmness back into my life.
I feel better able to cope.
I feel more positive. Thanks Meredith!”

RF, Pambula Beach;

“Transcendental Meditation has helped me on a day to day basis in all things.
I am calmer and deal with difficult and worrying situations differently now.
I approach things in a more thoughtful and mindful way without responding in an over reactive manner.
The quality of my sleep has improved greatly and also the ability to fall asleep initially.
My blood pressure has come down and my breathing is softer and more even too.”

PC, Merimbula;

– TM has let me slow down
– take time for ‘me’
– stress relief
– better sleep
– coping with avoiding upsets and which aren’t really issues
– just general wellbeing, having sought this for years!

Carmela, 24, hairdresser and competitive ballroom dancer, from Perth;

“After being told the benefits TM has to offer I decided to the do the TM Course, as I have struggled with poor sleep and stress for years.
After only a few days I noticed a change in my sleep patterns from waking to every noise and waking up in the mornings feeling I needed to go back to sleep, I now feel rested.
I am very grateful to be able to sleep again!
Thank you.”