TM is easy, enjoyable and effective


Transcendental Meditation is an easy, natural and effortless mental technique. Being easy, natural and effortless, it is fundamentally different from so much of what has been and, indeed, continues to be regarded as “meditation”. When people lose the correct technique to let the mind transcend in a natural and effortless way, they begin to force the mind with various forms of concentration – on a sound, on breathing or “being in the now”.

Transcendental Meditation is the opposite to effort. Transcending is the most pleasant experience possible for the mind and the mind wants nothing more than to have this experience. We don’t have to force or control the mind but we only have to put it in the right direction and then let it go into that state by itself, in a completely natural and effortless way.

This is not only much easier to learn and more enjoyable to do but it also appears to be far more effective than trying to control the mind.

More than 10 independent studies over the last 40 years have shown that the natural process of Transcendental Meditation turns out to be more effective than other techniques that go under the headings of relaxation or meditation.

So, if we have ever tried another “meditation” technique and came to the conclusion that it didn’t seem to work very well, we shouldn’t think that is is our fault or that we “are just not good at meditation”. More than likely, we just didn’t have the right technique.

When taught correctly, anyone who can think a thought can practice meditation and transcend.