Global TM Group Meditation


Connect with 10,000’s of the TM meditating family in Australia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia to create a wave of happiness, peace, and harmony.


Participants from around the world have commented on the wonderful, often blissful, experience of meditating together in such a large group.

“A rare feeling of inner peace and interconnectedness!”
—L.K. Chicago, IL

“Because it was such a large group, one had the feeling [during the meditation] that we were not only diving into our own inner silence, but we were also enlivening that silence in the whole world.” ­—D.T., Barbados

“It’s an opportunity to connect with other meditators locally and also around the world. I love the large group meditations. I never miss them.” ­ —F.C., New York City

Please contact Meredith to find out when the next Global Group Meditation is being held.